New proprietary structure of PIXEL FEDERATION

PIXEL FEDERATION, one of the globally most successful Slovak companies made significant changes in the ownership structure at the end of 2018. One of the founders Filip Fischer and the first financial investor Martin Blaskovic sold their shares in the company with a return on investment in thousands of percent. Two of the founders Šimon Šicko and Marian Fridrich currently own more than 60% of the shares. They are also members of the board of directors of an employee stock company as part of the shares were given to the key employees of Pixel Federation as part of the ownership structure change. The remaining 40% of shares are controlled by financial investor Peter Lukeš. The process of ownership change was completed on December 3, 2018.

Marián Fridrich said about the successful conclusion of the transaction: “Personally, I am very pleased that the exit of the two partners has combined with healthy resettlement of intra-company affairs which, in the future, can help the company grow even more significantly.” “I see the Exit Agreement as a win-win situation for all stakeholders,” added Šimon Šicko.

According to Peter Lukeš, the Pixel Federation story is based on the unique know-how, hard work, and creativity of the founders and all employees. “I am pleased I could help with my strategic experience. From my point of view, the new owner’s structure brings unity of opinion about the company’s progress and is a promise of further dynamic growth, expansion, and the ability to attract more and more talents from abroad. I believe there is an era ahead of us to achieve further excellent results.”

PIXEL FEDERATION is a Slovak game studio that employs more than 200 professionals with diverse skills – visual artists, programmers, game designers, marketing specialist, and analysts. The company is actively engaged in improving the educational system in the country, in sharing knowledge and cultivating the gaming environment. With the 2018 turnover surpassing 30 mil. EUR, the company expects its EBITDA to be nearly 6 mil. EUR.

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