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  • Your sweet escape is here! Try our new game, Sweet Farm. Available on your Android now.

Your sweet escape is here! Try our new game, Sweet Farm. Available on your Android now.

Prepare your ovens, gather your sprinkles, and join the sweet frenzy. This new game will satisfy your taste for adventure and passion for pastries! 

Help Taffy, a sweet-loving city girl, on her quest to revive her family’s once-thriving sweets factory in Sweet Farm: Cake Baking Tycoon. This captivating adventure combines the charm of a farm simulation with a mystery that will leave players craving more than just cake.

The game is available now for all Android devices in your Play Store. And the IOS version will follow soon!

„We wanted to capture the joy of baking while offering a challenging and rewarding experience. Sweet Farm allows players to indulge in their passion for pastries and entrepreneurship in a fun, relaxing, and lighthearted way!“
The Sweet Farm Devs Team

Indulge in Features:

🍭 Sugary Shenanigans: Dive into a world of confectionery creations. From heavenly cakes to mouthwatering candy, your sweet factories will buzz with treats.

🐾 Blobbies: Meet Adorable Helpers shrouded in a pink cloud of mystery. Level them up, adorn them in various outfits, and enjoy the unique ingredients they can obtain for you.

📜 Mystery, Plot Twists, and Intrigue: Brace yourself for a story rollercoaster! As you rebuild your empire, uncover mysteries that will keep you hooked and guessing till the last crumb.

🎨 Customization Galore: Make your game uniquely yours! Decorate to your heart’s content and make your farm the envy of every sweet enthusiast.

💖 Heartwarming Interactions: Take care of your Blobbies and they will reward you with love and adoration. Interact with them, level up the bond, and watch the magic unfold.

🎉 Tons of special events, addictive mini-games, and more.

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