Pixel Federation is the Company of the Year!

For the 22nd time, Slovak economic weekly TREND organized annual awards for outstanding business results, and Pixel Federation is honored to receive the recognition of the business community and the award Company of the Year.

This year, more than 450 companies qualified for the competition, and winners were chosen according to strict economic indicators and eligibility criteria, including:

          • Revenues exceeding 20 million EUR and EBITDA was higher than EUR 2 million in 2018
          • Positive economic results in the last three years
          • 3 years of presence on the market minimum
          • Publicly shared economic data for 2018 and previous years

          Šimon Šicko and the three co-creators began to fulfill their dream of creating games in 2007. It took exactly ten years and Pixel Federation was able to apply for the Company of the Year title for the first time after meeting strict criteria and turning its second participation into a victory.

          Pixel Federation grew to the biggest free-to-play mobile game developer in Slovakia and one of the globally most successful Slovak companies, mentioned among the fastest-growing tech startups in Central and Eastern Europe by the Financial Times.
          With 4 successful games on the market played by over 80 M of players worldwide, 18% growth of the revenues, reaching over 33 Million EUR, we knew that 2018 was a success for us. And we feel honored and very grateful that this success was recognized even by the Slovak business community.

          In the past two weeks, we received two awards – The Diamond of Slovak Business for the fastest organically growing Small to Medium enterprise in the Bratislava region (organized by the business magazine Forbes) and now The Company of the Year (organized by economic weekly TREND)
          We perceive this recognition as a commitment to the future – a commitment to our players, our employees, and to our fellow game dev community.

          • We launched 2 new games this summer – one that continues in the tradition of our successful transport tycoon games Trainstation 2, and one that is nothing like what we did before – a bold new idle RPG – AFK Cats. Both games are constantly getting improved based on the feedback from the players and it seems that we are doing it right as our total player base increased to 90 M this year.
          • We made significant changes in the ownership structure and moved to the employee stock company as part of the shares were given to the key employees.
          • We continue in our effort to grow a sustainable and lasting game-dev ecosystem in Danube Valley and Central Europe by organizing and participating in various knowledge-sharing events (such as Ready Tester One for the QA community, DDD Community meetups for programmers, Support meetups for community managers, etc)
            Together with Sygic, Leaf, and HubHub we created the educational program Butterfly Effect that aims to contribute to the growth of digital business in Slovakia by developing the next generation of business innovation leaders and motivating young people to stay in, or return to, and professionally grow in Slovakia.

          We are players who love creating games for our players. Being awarded by other big companies for our passion is just a little extra perk of doing what we love.